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• No May IMC Club or EAA 1358 Standard Meetings
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NO May IMC Club or EAA 1358 Chapter Meetings

There will be NO regular IMC Club or EAA 1358 Chapter Meetings in May due to the 8th Annual Marianna Fly-In on May 19th. Our meetings will resume at our normally scheduled meetings on June 9, 2018.

8th Annual Marianna Fly-In

We will conduct a Young Eagles Rally at the Marianna FLY-IN. This will be the City of Marianna’s eighth annual “Armed Forces Day/Airport Open House” at the newly renovated Marianna Municipal Airport and will be held on Saturday, May 19th from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.


Lakeland Sun 'N Fun Trip Report

Reported by Bill Castlen: Making an annual trek to Sun ’n Fun and AirVenture each year has become a tradition for me and a couple of my flying buddies.  One of whom, Hugh Wheelless, likes to name each of our trips.  This year, Sun ’n Fun was the “Alternate Route Tour”.  Check the FlightAware track below.

I always watch the Prog Charts starting about a week before any planned trip and this was no exception.  Thus we knew it was going to be a bit of a weather challenge.  As a matter of fact, I told Hugh it was going to be “guy weather” as distinct from “wife weather.”

Our plan was to depart Headland, AL, (0J6) about 9 AM Central for a 1+45 flight to Plant City (PCM) and arrive there about noon Eastern.  We launched on time and climbed to our cruising altitude of 7,000 and NEXRAD confirmed this would be a wet ride.

These pictures were taken about 17 minutes into the flight shortly after leveling off at cruise.  I continue to believe - based on personal experience - that the Stormscope is superior to NEXRAD for bad weather avoidance.  This picture is typical of my experience: NEXRAD is showing potential challenges and Stormscope is showing a benign path straight ahead with a rate of only 2.  The view out the windshield also looked devoid of convection and the ride was smooth.

About 45 minutes later we were turning the corner at Cross City for the “home stretch” in to LAL and Plant City on V7 and the NEXRAD and windshield views looked about the same but the Stormscope was showing a lot more activity, although at this moment the rate was zero.  Shortly after this, the rate jumped to 24 and there was a cluster of Cells at about 8 miles and 12 O’Clock.  I asked Jax Approach for 30 degrees to the left and he gave me a heading of 120.  The Stormscope continued to alternate - over a several minute time span - between a relatively low activity rate and a significant rate.  But then the ‘Scope showed a benign path toward LAL/Plant City so I asked Approach for a turn back to parallel V7.  He said he wanted to take us further to the southeast toward Orlando and since we were in light turbulence and rain - occasionally moderate - I decided to defer to Approach for weather vectors.  This was quite out of character for me.  I am normally insistent on doing my own weather avoidance.  But, my gut said to go with Approach.

In retrospect, I forgot to use a technique I learned from my flying buddy and airplane partner, Mike Scroggins, many years ago.  That is, use the “Clear” button fairly often and then see where the most recent activity is located.  Not doing that left the Stormscope screen cluttered with activity close to 4 minutes old and tended to fuzz-up what was happening NOW.

The FlightAware track gives a fairly accurate image of the radar environment and the stuff Approach was steering us around.  It is easy to see the turn we made at Cross City and then the turn I requested to a more easterly direction.  The next big turn to the southwest shows us going through some heavier weather but that leg was actually relatively smooth with moderate rain.  The portion of the flight just before that turn - shown with green and yellow precip - was actually where we got into moderate turbulence; I turned off the autopilot and hand flew.  Notice the altitude trace is a bit more ragged here than when Mr. S-Tec was flying.

And then the drama was all over - all at once.  I flew the GPS 28 into Plant City and just as we captured the glideslope and began descending, we flew out of the last of the showers.

So, Tuesday we had lots of Fun but no Sun; Wednesday and Thursday we had both Sun ’n Fun!  Then Friday, it was back to having Flyin’ Fun.  The departure from Plant City was quite interesting.  The sunshine brought out a lot of flyers and it seemed many had not bothered to read the Sun ’n Fun NOTAM and were a bit rusty on ATC procedures.  Tampa Approach frequency was awash with calls for flight following (denied), IFR pick-ups (denied), missed calls, and at least one Class Bravo incursion.  And look at all that traffic!

Upcoming Meetings & Events

5/18/18 & 5/19/18
8th Annual Marianna FLY-IN
Marianna Municipal Airport
3689 Industrial Park Dr
Marianna, FL 32246
Map it (here)

6/9/18 - 9:30 AM | IMC Club Meeting
Dothan Regional Airport - Training Room
74 Atlantic Street, Napier Field
Dothan, AL 36303
Map it (here)

6/9/18 - 10:30 AM | EAA Chapter Meeting
Dothan Regional Airport - Training Room
74 Atlantic Street, Napier Field
Dothan, AL 36303
Map it (here)




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