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• AirVenture at Oshkosh Trip Review
• Upcoming Young Eagle Rallies (Bonifay & Enterprise)
• Upcoming Meetings in August


Welcome to the August Flight Plan, our monthly eNewletter from EAA 1358, The Wiregrass Chapter. This month we will share pictures from our recent Young Eagles Flights as well as our trip to AirVenture at Oshkosh. Also, we will share some information on upcoming Young Eagle Rallies with sister chapters.

Our monthly meetings are tomorrow, August 11th. We hope to see you there.

Young Eagles Flights

Young Eagles Flights - Two new Young Eagles took their flights this month and have been instructed on the path to get the most from their participation in the program. It's always a great day when we get to introduce flying and the Young Eagle program to new enthusiastic youngsters! View Photo Gallery

AirVenture at Oshkosh Trip Review

Two of our Chapter members made the annual pilgrimage to OSH this past week.  Bill Castlen and Hugh Wheelless departed Headland Municipal Airport into cloudy skies on Wednesday morning, July 25th and returned to cloudy skies on Saturday, July 28.  In between, there was a lot of cool sunshine, flying, food, and fellowship.  The following pictures give some of the highlights.

The obligatory documentation that Bill and Hugh were at OSH in 2018.

As the ADS-B mandate gets closer, there are more and more innovative options on display at OSH.

There was a lot of Air Force planes on display - both old and new.  The clear message here is “Look but don’t mess with my F-35!”

The very restful and bucolic seaplane base.  Very pleasant and quiet.

The Blue Barn touts the Young Eagles and the Eagle Flights programs.  Aviore is a new addition to the Young Eagles effort.  Castlen brought back several copies of this comic book for the Chapter leadership to review.  We may want to get a supply for the next Young Eagle event.  See next picture.

Chapter 302 had a nice poster board on display in the Blue Barn.  We could do this too!

And then the trip home.  Blue skies almost all the way.  I don’t know who this old guy is but . . .

. . . Hugh Wheelless was in the right seat.  And then, . . . 

. . . We were greeted with NEXRAD yellows and reds in the Dothan area.  However, Stormscope is pretty benign and, with Cairns Approach’s help we were on the ground and Baby was in the hangar before it started to rain on us.

Upcoming Young Eagle Rallies

Young Eagle Rallies of sister Chapters: Bonifay (EAA 1464) 3rd Saturday in October; Enterprise (EAA 351) 1st Saturday in November.  The dates are tentative currently.

Upcoming Meetings in August

8/11/18 - 9:30 AM | IMC Club Meeting
Dothan Regional Airport - Training Room
74 Atlantic Street, Napier Field
Dothan, AL 36303
Map it (here)

8/11/18 - 10:30 AM | EAA Chapter Meeting
Dothan Regional Airport - Training Room
74 Atlantic Street, Napier Field
Dothan, AL 36303
Map it (here)




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